Ettore Ponzi studied at the Art Institute of Parma with Paolo Baratta, Guido Marussigh and Pietro Berzolla, and he got his degree in 1934.  During the second world war he gained the first prize in the Artistic Competition of Military Division in Arezzo and participated to the second edition of the Cremona city Prize. After the 8th of September 1943 he was interned in the concentration camp of Witzendorf, where he remained until the end of the conflict in April 1945. This bitter experience is documented in approximately forty works in pencil and water-colour.
Returned in his native land in August 1945 he found his city wounded by the aerial  bombardment and his house destroyed. He settled with the family in a ruined palace placed in the flank of the apse of the cathedral, this gave him the opportunity to witness in his paintings the state of the monument and its neighbourhood. He was mainly a landscape painter and considered also a good portraitist.

The artist in his study photographed  by the grandson . 
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Ettore Ponzi